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JEGS 20-40 AMP Yellow Plasma Cutter - Up To 3/8" Thick

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JEGS 20-40 AMP Yellow Plasma Cutter - Up To 3/8" Thick

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This affordable and high performance Plasma Cutter is suitable for hobby and professional use. It allows you to cut metal the easy way. It can cut up to 3/8 in. mild steel and has a variable output regulator. The Plasma Cutter includes a hand torch with cable, ground cable with clamp, and power cord.When cutting be sure to use caution and extreme care.


Cuts Steel/Iron up to 3/8" Thick
Create clean, precise and intricate cuts in many forms of steel and iron up to 3/8" thick
Built-in moisture separator
Works virtually anywhere with a 110V or 220V outlet
Significantly faster than other forms of cutting
Makes curved or intricate cuts more precisely
Solid-state electronics
Sturdy metal cabinet

Tech Specs:

Amperage Rating: 25
Amperage Rating: 18
Duty Cycle: 60% @ 40 Amps
Duty Cycle: 60% @ 30 Amps
Max Amp Output: 30
Max Amp Output: 40
Max Cut Thickness (in.): 0.47
Max Cut Thickness (in.): 0.31
Output Power (kW): 3.9
Output Power (kW): 2.8
Recommended Cut Thickness (in.): 0.37
Recommended Cut Thickness (in.): 0.24
Dimensions: 21" x 11" x 13"
Ground Cable Length (ft.): 8.25
Input Voltage: 230V
Torch Cable Length (ft.): 12.8
Torch Tip (in.): 0.3
Weight (lbs.): 26.5
Shipping Weight:: 28.72
Package Height:: 20
Package Depth:: 15
Package Width:: 10.25


Power Cable
Plasma Cutting Torch
Ground Cable & Clamp
110V to 220V Plug Adapter
Hand Held Mask
Wire Brush

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JEGS 20-40 AMP Yellow Plasma Cutter - Up To 3/8" Thick

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